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WWE NXT Results: Joe Hendry Helps Trick Williams Take Down Champ Ethan Page and Shawn Spears, Tony D’Angelo Retains Heritage Cup


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NXT: Joe Hendry and Trick Williams (WWE)

NXT: Joe Hendry and Trick Williams (WWE)

Joe Hendry helped Trick Williams beat Ethan Page and Shawn Spears as Tony D’Angelo defended his NXT Heritage Cup against Lexis King.

Following a historic live event in Canada, WWE NXT action once again returned to the company’s Performance Centre in Orlando, Florida on July 9. Last week, WWE fans witnessed Ethan Page beat three other men to win the NXT Championship at Heatwave. Days after winning the NXT title, Page kicked off yesterday’s NXT episode with a promo. That was followed by seven official matches featuring stars like Thea Hail, Sol Ruca and Karmen Petrovic. Later on the night, Tony D’Angelo defended his NXT Heritage Cup crown against Lexis King. Finally, the show’s main event featured a tag-team match where Trick Williams teamed up with Joe Hendry to face Shawn Spears and Ethan Page.

Fans hear from Ethan Page

Ethan Page addressed the NXT crowd and boasted that it took him only six weeks to take over NXT completely. He added that ego was a necessary trait in the business he was in. Before Page could finish, Heatwave main eventers Trick Williams, Shawn Spears and Je’Von Evans made their way to the ring. In no time, Williams and Evans began brawling with Page and Spears before sending them out of the ring. Referees had to intervene to separate the four men.

Tony D’Angelo retains his NXT Heritage Cup again

The first fall of the NXT Heritage Cup didn’t result in a point for anyone after Lexis King refused to tap out. The next round saw D’Angelo hit the Fuhgeddaboudit to score a fall. King fired back with the Coronation to D’Angelo to secure a point. After an intense battle, D’Angelo countered a roll-up pinfall to deliver a Spinebuster to King and retain his Heritage Cup once again.

Trick Williams teams up with Joe Hendry to face Shawn Spears and Ethan Page

Wasting no time, Williams and Page begin the action right away. After some back-and-forth action, Page looked to drag Spears into the corner for a tag but got attacked by Oro Mensah. This resulted in Page retreating through the crowd, leaving Spears alone in the ring. Williams then made a hot tag to Hendry who landed a Fallaway Slam. He then finished off Spears with a delayed chokeslam for a victory.

These are the results of all the fights on the latest episode of WWE NXT:

Arianna Grace vs Karmen Petrovic – Petrovic connected with a Roundhouse Kick for a pinfall victory.

Tony D’Angelo vs Lexis King for the NXT Heritage Cup – D’Angelo won the final fall with a Spinebuster to retain the Heritage Cup.

Gallus vs Tyriek Igwe and Tyson DuPont – Gallus landed their tag-team finisher to seal a pinfall win.

Thea Hail vs Izzi Dame – Hail put Dame in a Kimura Lock to win the match by pinfall.

OTM vs The OC – OTM delivered an Assisted Spinebuster to win by pinfall.

Fallon Henley vs Sol Ruca – Ruca won the match by disqualification after interruption from Jacy Jayne and Jazmyn Nyx.

Trick Williams and Joe Hendry vs Shawn Spears and Ethan Page – Hendry hit Spears with a delayed chokeslam to win by pinfall.

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