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Video: Field Day For Republicans, Mounting Concerns For Dems As CNN Plays Biden Gaffe Montage


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Washington D.C., United States of America (USA)

Jake Tapper slammed Biden on Monday after Biden gave several interviews defending his mental acuity. (Screengrab of CNN video)

Jake Tapper slammed Biden on Monday after Biden gave several interviews defending his mental acuity. (Screengrab of CNN video)

Tapper is one of multiple influential political commentators, media figures and talk show hosts in US whose criticism of Biden has sharpened after his debate performance

In another field day for Republicans, CNN’s top host played a montage of US President Joe Biden’s gaffes following his disastrous showing at the Atlanta debate against rival Donald Trump, prompting questions about his reelection prospects.

“The reality is that the Democratic elites are mostly late to acknowledge these age and ability issues compared to the rest of the public,” CNN host and presidential debate moderator Jake Tapper slammed Biden on Monday after the US president gave several interviews defending his mental acuity.

“OMG I’m dying’

This comes as the top Democrat in the House of Representatives, Hakeem Jeffries, held meetings with members about whether to ditch the 81-year-old US President as their 2024 candidate. Tapper, who is considered Democrat-friendly, is one of several influential American political commentators and media figures who have intensified their scrutiny following his debate performance.

“The president and his team have not held a press conference to demonstrate just that,” Tapper said. “He continues to do what he has done sparingly in the past, the short taped sit-down with an anchor, in this case George Stephanopoulos.” Several social media users on ‘X’ were pleasantly surprised with Tapper’s rebuke of Biden. “OMG I’m dying. CNN’s Jake Tapper aired Biden’s embarrassing clips, and his facial expressions and commentary were PRICELESS,” one of the users said.

Trump ripped into Biden on Tuesday, attacking the embattled Democrat as he faces calls to end his reelection campaign. “It’s the biggest cover-up in political history,” the 78-year-old former US President, during his Florida speech, which focused on his election rival.

“As you know, they are all co-conspirators in the sinister plot to defraud the American public about the cognitive abilities of the man in the Oval Office.” Trump’s speech in Florida was his first public appearance since the clamor for Biden’s withdrawal began gaining momentum, and the gloves were emphatically off as the Republican accused Democrats of lying to protect the president.

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