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Meet MC Baba, The Deaf And Mute Rapper From Congo Who Went Viral


MC Baba garnered praise for his courage and determination.

MC Baba garnered praise for his courage and determination.

The musician is being hailed as a revolutionary figure in the rapping world.

Rap has become one of the most popular genres of music across the globe. While Eminem, Drake and 50 Cent are some of the most prominent names, recently, a deaf and mute rapper who goes by the name MC Baba has the internet’s attention with his unique style of rapping. A section of the internet has been trolling him for the lack of words in his music video, but he has been winning the hearts of the internet. MC Baba hails from the Democratic Republic of Congo and is being hailed as a revolutionary figure in the rapping world. He has gained immense fame in the country and abroad within a short time. He has also influenced other musicians. MC Baba raps using unique sounds, hand gestures and facial expressions. The rapper has created his own identity and signature style called “Deaf Hop”. This has shot him to fame and is now relatable and inspirational for many.

One music video of him went viral and garnered more than 11.4 million views. It also earned him immense recognition. If you check out the song, you will be able to witness MC Baba showcasing his unique rhythmic vocalisations while rapping. He garnered praise for his courage and determination as well. It is headlined by MC Baba, who made his own interpretation of the song Oko Lela Epa Ya Nani (Who Will You Cry For?) by artists Paterné Maestro and Farel Ex Mokaréji Studio.

MC Baba entered the music industry in 2021. He kickstarted his journey in the music industry with the group La Baserone. In 2023, he decided to pursue his own career and do things as per his own accord. After an immense struggle, he has finally succeeded. It was his distinct style that grabbed the limelight. He also became a beacon of hope for other disabled artists. His music has been warmly accepted by his peers and people of the nation as well.

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