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Indian National Arrested For Allegedly Groping Over 12 Teens At Canadian Water Park


An Indian national was arrested for allegedly groping more than a dozen people at a Canadian water park. (Image: X)

An Indian national was arrested for allegedly groping more than a dozen people at a Canadian water park. (Image: X)

A 25-year-old Indian national living in Canada’s Halifax was arrested for groping at least 12 people under the age of sixteen.

Canadian police arrested an Indian national accusing him of allegedly groping at least twelve people under the age of sixteen. The name of the person remains withheld. The arrested individual holds an Indian passport.

According to Canadian media outlet The Publica and the statement issued by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) the incident happened on Sunday (July 7) in a waterpark in Canada’s Moncton City.

The man was arrested from the waterpark itself. He is 25 years of age and lives in Halifax in Nova Scotia.

Canadian media outlets said the incident happened at Magic Mountain, a popular destination for families in eastern Canada during the summer.

Cops were first informed of a man groping people in the waterpark. They arrested the person who was involved but later released him from custody.

He is slated to appear before court on October 24. He faces charges of sexual harassment and sexual interference. According to Canadian law, sexual interference refers to the sexual touching of minors under the age of 16.

“This is still an active investigation, and we are working diligently to understand if there were other victims. We are asking parents to speak to their children if they attended this location on July 7. We also want people to know that a sexual assault complaint can be made at any time,” Codiac Regional RCMP, Sergeant Sylvette Herbert, was quoted as saying by Publica.

“If you are a victim of sexual misconduct, please contact us. You will be listened to, and you will be believed,” Herbert further added.

It is worth mentioning that a woman, possibly a local resident, named Alicia Hill, took to Facebook to warn members of the community about a person who was groping people, including children, in the water park.

She told people to be aware of him (and possibly a few others) and said he was ‘swimming around, touching everyone’.

Alicia Hill said that about “30 or more people and kids” were groped.

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